Internet Freedom Hack: Defending Encryption

Brisbane - November 9th to 11th

Internet Freedom Hack is a series of community events that bring technologists with a passion for digital rights together to build things that advance the cause of internet freedom.


Barrett Brown

Writer and anarchist activist. Founded Project PM, which investigates the private espionage industry and the intelligence community.

Live from San Francisco on Sunday morning.

Lisa Rein will be hosting a conversation with Barrett Brown and Claire Peters about the Pursuance Project and Barrett’s new book “My Glorious Defeats: Hacktivist, Narcissist, Anonymous: A Memoir”.

Angus Murray

Vice President of the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties

IP and trade secrets and transparency

Angus is a practicing solicitor and human rights advocate. He is a Vice President of the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties, the Chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia’s Policy and Research Committee and a Partner and Trade Marks Attorney at Irish Bentley Lawyers. He is also a co-founder and national director of The Legal Forecast and a professional member of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights. He holds a Master of Laws from Stockholm University and his academic work has focused on the interaction between the right to privacy and the enforcement of intellectual property law.

Dr Monique Mann

Advancing a program of socio-legal research on algorithmic justice, police technology, surveillance, and transnational online policing. Board of Directors member of the Australian Privacy Foundation.

Ass Access but “not a backdoor”

In 2018 the Australian Government moved to introduce the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018 (Cth). If passed, this will increase the obligations of both domestic and offshore providers (very broadly defined) to assist law enforcement and security agencies to access information. It also introduces new computer access warrants that enable law enforcement to covertly obtain evidence directly from a device at the endpoints when information is not encrypted and increases existing powers to access data through search and seizure warrants.

Dr Monique Mann will discuss the proposed law and offer her reflections on key issues as they relate to privacy, information security, mutual legal assistance and transnational data flows, and oversight of the new powers.

Tim Wilson-Brown

Software Developer at The Tor Project, Security Researcher


Working Together for Online Freedom

Tim is a developer and researcher on the Tor internet privacy network. Their current focus is safely collecting network usage statistics. They have completed a Bachelor of Software Engineering with Honours at the Australian National University. Tim is a strong advocate for human rights, focusing on privacy and freedom of access for all.

We need to work together to build a free internet: safer, more secure, and more private. We can design tools that give people control over the information they share online. But tools can’t change government or corporate policy. We also need to build strong communities which can demand change.

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