Internet Freedom Hack: Defending Truth

Brisbane - April 20th to April 22nd

Internet Freedom Hack is a series of community events that bring technologists with a passion for digital rights together to build things that advance the cause of internet freedom.


Lauri Love with Monique Mann

Internet activist/hacktivist and tech rights researcher / scholactivist

Fighting back against internet apathy, privacy nihilism and the Government

Join Dr Monique Mann in conversation with Lauri Love about all the terrible things that governments around the world are doing for internet freedom and privacy, with a focus on the ridiculous #waronmaths in Australia and across the Five Eyes alliance more broadly. We will talk through the options of what we can realistically do about it as scholactivists and hacktivists, and drawing from Love’s recent success fighting extradition and 99 years in a US prison, how to fight back against internet apathy, privacy nihilism and the government.

Angus Murray

Vice President of the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties

Algorised justice, privacy and a panoptic future

The recent and rapid increase in technology and its societal application has created the need to carefully balance technology against fundamental human rights. The writer argues that technological development is inevitable and this inevitability bolsters the importance of informed discussion about its application and impact upon future generations. In this presentation, the ‘right to privacy’ is measured and assessed against the deployment of algorithmic solutions by the Courts and governments internationally.

Eru Penkman

Software developer and organiser in the privacy and decentralisation communities

Decentralised reputation systems

Our online reputation is increasingly being managed by large companies such as LinkedIn and Facebook. This has given incredible power and responsibility to a small handful of companies who haven’t always acted responsibly. However, over the last few years, new technology has opened up the possibility for people to truly own their online reputation. This talk will explore this new generation of decentralised reputation systems and make predictions about which ones might become most important.

Glenn Harper

Librarian interested in fake news and digital media literacy

We need to talk about fake news

We all think that we are immune from fake news. Even Flat Earthers believe they are the most skeptical and best informed peeple in the chat room. But how good are we at really sorting the accurate from the misleading and downright fake when we peruse our social media feed? Let’s put ourselves to the test and discover how good our digital media literacy really is.

Julian Scharf

Software Engineer at FunCaptcha

Rise of the machines: Ghosts in the queue

What do airfares, rock concerts and retro gaming consoles have in common? They all have millions of bots waiting in line to place orders. Artificially inflated queues are a growing problem, and in nearly all cases, the consumer loses out. Julian, an engineer will be speaking about “ghost queues” where they occur and the economic fall out for both vendors and consumers.

Kai Yeung

Activist/Technologist, Scientist, cryptocurrency trader and poker player

Internet Freedom Launchpadthis talk will kick off the hack on Friday evening

Digital rights, personal privacy and internet censorship are ongoing difficulties faced by citizens, especially in China. Chinese authorities operate the largest internet censorship regime in the world and the difficulties of residing inside the Great Firewall of China have been exacerbated by recent regulations banning domestic ISPs from providing VPN services. The Internet Freedom Launchpad project is a free, anonymous, dynamic, disposal, cloud-based VPN that renders the current spectrum of digital censorship mechanisms ineffective. Come to this talk to hear how it works, reports from early adopters, and what’s next for the project.


ThoughtWorks Brisbane

19/127 Creek St, Brisbane